Have a broken iPhone 4, 4s? Bring it in for a repair. Make an appointment or bring it in. We will try our best to get the phone done while you wait. Your data is important to us. Please make sure you backup your data, before you get your service done. Our repair guarantee lifetime parts.

Broken Screen


This repair is when your screen is damage and not your LCD. You can still see images, and still respond to touch.

Price: $60

Power Button Repair Service


Fixes iphone 4, 4s, power button used for power / sleep  mode. This services include parts and labor.

Price: $65

Home Button Repair



Is your home button sticky or not responding. Have us fix it for you. This service include parts and labor.

Price: $60

Back Camera Lens Repair



Back Camera Lens Repair

If your back camera pictures have suddenly gotten blurry or are not coming out clear, the problem is most likely the back cover camera lens is scratched or damaged. Having this replaced will have your iPhone taking crystal clear pictures again.  This is a quick and safe repair that only requires replacing the back cover of your iPhone 4 or 4S. This process takes about 5 minutes.

 Price: $19

Grayed Out WIFI Repair


wifi repair

This service is when your wifi is grayed out and won't work.

Price: $39

Charging Port Repair



Repair your 4, 4s charging /data port, microphone, or speaker

Price: $55

Headphone Jack Repair


Does your headphone jack fail. Have us replace your 4 /4s phone with new parts

Price: $70

Earpiece Speaker Repair



Repair your 4, 4s earpiece speaker with a brand new part. 

Price: $45

Back Cover Replacement


This repair will replace the cracked back cover on an iPhone 4 or 4S.

Price: $19

Battery Replacement Service


This service is when your battery is not holding a charge.

Price: $49

Removal of your Cameras


Have the front and back of your cameras in your iphone 4 or 4s removed.

Price: $45