4 Must Have Google Chrome Extensions

1. Feedly

Google Chrome Extension Feedly in Action
Google Chrome Extension Feedly in Action

Tried of going to different websites to get your daily news fix? Give Feedly a try, a great aggregate for reading/sharing news/feeds based on your interest in a magazine like fashion. Warning, this extension may form a reading addiction. Use at your own risk this site.

2. Chromed Bird

Screen Shot of Google Chrome Extension Chromed Bird
Google Chrome Extension Chromed Bird

Get all your tweets, compose new, retweet, share, etc, all in a compact and can’t be easier extension.  I can just see myself saying awesome over and over again when ever I glance at the blue bird…oops there I go again.  Awesome!

3. Google Mail Checker Plus

Google Gmail Plus
Google Mail Gmail Plus Screen Capture

Need I say more, the name pretty much says it all. No more typing gmail.com in the URL bar, the extension does it all except for administrative functions in Gmail.

4. IE Tab

Google Chrome IE Tab Extension

Comes in handy when a particular website says “your browser is not supported”.  The extension tricks the website to think you’re using Microsoft Internet Explorer.  Clicking on the extension opens a new tab, type the URL in the address bar at the top of the page.  It’s like magic, the once said “your browser is not support” is now gone.

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