Chrome OS What’s in Store for You

Heard of this new operating system called Chrome OS by Google? Google seems to think it’s a great idea, but what’s in store for you? For starters, you can now buy a chromebook (netbook like laptop) made by Acer (AC700-1099) or Samsung (Chromebook Series 5) with Chrome OS installed to experience just what Chrome OS feels like in action. Say…not quite ready to buy one just yet? Tons of reviews are written on both models on But, before you start to read a ton of user opinions, please let me explain something loud and clear, the Chrome OS is still in its early stages of incremental development and the chromebooks aren’t the all mighty mega powerful machines that does it all. My opinion is that they are meant for speed, the web, and most importantly almost zero maintenance necessary since Google handles that automatically via auto updates over the web. My very own Chromebook will be arriving in a few days, I plan on doing a few write ups from my everyday computing routines. Stayed tuned and if you already own one, please feel free to share your thoughts by leaving a feedback on this blog.

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