Cloud ID What is and Why

Cloud ID is an idea I have about a digital world.  It’s about a gateway to one’s entire life that has anything to do with anything digital.  For an example, say you wrote somewhere on someone’s blog, you downloaded an app, you used a Mac at home, a PC at work, oh that game you played on your Playstation/Xbox or whatever, or that book you read on a Kindle that you borrowed from a friend, oh wait, the contact you called and you wish you remember when and what you talked about.  Isn’t there a way to connect your life in the digital jungle that we sort of live in now and not have to remember where you stuff is or on what device you got it, used it, and forgotten about two seconds ago?????  This is where Cloud ID comes in.  One ID that is the key to your digital life beyond the 4 walls that surrounds you.  It is you that is connected to everything online. Forgive me, just to be perfectly clear, i’m not talking about a web browser that remembers your names from a form you filled out some time ago on some website or your history/shortcuts to past websites you visited. I’m saying whatever that is digital is linked and interactive with whatever else digital. Nevermind storage capacities, it’s unlimited. Never forgets or grows old resources. Lives beyond your natural life spend.   Sorry no reset button though. It’s pointless. You can’t screw this thing up. There ain’t a power button on this one.  Each day is an accumulation from the day before it. Think of a continuum with all the information that you ever touched or worked on. This is a world without boundaries. Call me crazy, but it is not too far far away in the distant future. History has it that people were searching for elements in nature when taken makes the person live forever and to never grow old.  I think they were searching for this.  The formula to digitally catalog, reuse, create, re-appropriate, every bit and byte of that person into constructs of metadata ready for reassembly at any point on anything digital.  Care to share your thoughts on this?  Where do you see yourself in the digital frontier 10yrs from now?

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