Continuing on AT&T Samsung Galaxy Tab

Another few days past over my head and luckily not a drop of rain since Wed.  Here’s what I have done so far after the Overcome 2.0B2 install on my SGT.

  • had the battery info wipe from the recovery menu.  According to guide I read, it’s suppose to help with battery although the effect may not be immediate.
  • set a password pin on the device because I’m worry about my stuff gitn’ jacked.  Actually, not entirely true….there are a lot of other reasons which I need not go into any further.
  • installed a bunch of apps.  To name a useful few, Amazon MP3, Kindle, Pulse, feedly, and last but not lease WordPress.  To go into a little more detail, Amazon MP3 has all my music in the cloud plus all the music I bought in a 20GB of free space.  I happen to like the kindle app the most from a feature perspective.  Pluse & feedly are great apps for getting my news of the day and the ability to tweet within both apps.  And of course WordPress, what I would do without it.  I would have to sit in front of my laptop…wouldn’t I to check my Blog.

I guess that’s it for now.  As I have said before….stay tuned for more.

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