Do you need more than one computer?

Do you need more than one computer in your daily routine? The question is why. Why in the world would one need more than one computer? I definitely use multiple “machines” in my daily routines and I think it’s a necessity these days to get the work done. I got a tablet for quick messaging, calling, tweeting, emaling, the stuff that my life requires of me. Then I have a “portable” 5lb laptop that I lug around at times when I need to write a blog like this, creating tutorials and videos, and a million other things not so important but essential besides eating and sleeping. This laptop of mine has a 80GB SSD drive for speed, but for all the life’s treasures such as music, movies, pictures, and seemingly endless digitized slices of my entire analogue life up to this point, it’s just NOT enough is it? So I have a desktop computer that is connected to a TV for serious music listening in the shower (hahaha, not really, just as an example), movie watching, oh gosh, what else? A little doodling here and there I say.

The point is, the computers we have today are simply dumb machines that have very limited functions that only serve us in some environments but not nearly enough for the dynamic lifestyles we lead today. I would think I’m not the only person who thinks this. We just need one machine in our lives that does it all and does it well. Perhaps the wireless technologies and in conjunction of cloud and app computing will take us there in a few years. If we can just have all these technologies working synchronously, i think our world would be a better place would you agree? Less techie trash, less energy waste, more innovation vs mass production of the same copy. What are your thoughts or suggestions to the designers of our machines tomorrow?

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