How Would You Change Google+

google+I know Google+ is not official yet, but for the currently 10+ million beta testers (myself included) who have cordially been invited, what’s your impression of it and how would you change Google+?

I’ll just a say a few points to start the discussion:

1. It seems Google+’s is yet another way to blog about something, how does it make me more likable, find friends/readers, connect with other people who uses Google+ that share common interests or thoughts.

2. No way can Google+ address the identity issue at its current state. I’m of many roles I play in my life, I don’t want different profiles to represent me, I need one profile that represents all of me and be able to interact with my “circles” of life in such.

3. There will be a 95% noise to a 5% interest ratio for me with the feeds. Please Google, I don’t need to play God, just find me a way to give me what I want. I can see Gmail is starting to address this issue already…maybe it can be done with feeds?

4. Google+ isn’t for a business entity, but at some point it needs to be and the Google team is very well aware of this.

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