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I Present to You the NEW Tech Lab

I present to You the New Tech Lab

A picture is word a thousand words, following that logic, a movie is worth…a million more? Just in case you happen to find my words more compelling, the following is what I have to say.

My colleagues and I managed to rearrange the furniture and added a few new pieces in the lobby in a single morning. In retrospect, it felt like we woke up one morning and decided that we didn’t like the way things look and function and said to ourselves, let’s move the furniture pieces around for fun, and so we did. The front counter is now straight ahead from the entrance. We have separated the tutorial/coaching table from the front counters to provide more room for 1 to 1. In addition to to the one screen we have for displaying the shop rates, we have added 2 new screens, one to display weekly specials, and the other for tip bits about the shop. We sincerely hope you find the new arrangement more inviting and user friendly.  Please let us what you think by leaving a comment.  Much appreciated.

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