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iOS vs Android

What are some of your thoughts and ideas on iOS vs. Android?  I believe this is a hot and ongoing battle between the two giant companies Apple and Google, and it is fair to compare the two mobile platforms since they have had sufficient time in the market to prove themselves worthy in the hands of consumers like you and me.

Before I go on to say what my experiences have been on both platforms, I thought I should point some interesting stats from Nielsen, between the period of March 11 – May 11 2011, the number Android smartphone units sold in US had flatten while iOS have been on a steady raise. However, if we look at the overall sale of all smartphones sold in that period, Android smartphones still outsold iOS phones at 27% vs. 17%. The report does not state the reasons behind the stats, whether or not it may be due the Verizon iPhone or that of the keynote conference delivered in Spring. The question is, will the novelty eventually ware off or would the iPhone be proven once again supreme by simply adding more carriers under the belt.

I have had a fair share of the iOS on the iPhone 3G, then the 3Gs, and recently dabbled on the iPhone 4 while i’m mainly using the Galaxy Tab (check out the link for my thoughts on the Tab) with Gingerbread. While I appreciate the overall user experience on the iPhone and its endless App selection. I’m however leaning towards the Android platform myself. The biggest reason for me comes down to the choice in picking up the best Android device for my needs from various manufacturers. What can I say, I like choices, and I believe it’s what drives innovation. I’m interested in hearing what you think of the two platforms, why you prefer one over the other. Please leave me a feedback or two.

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