Microsoft Online Services Trial

To download Microsoft Online Services free trial

Microsft Online Services Login
Login screen for Microsoft Online Services

Use of Internet Explorer 5.0 or above is required and the following services will be provided to you:

  • Up to 20 user licenses
  • Exchange Online w/ 500GB of free storage
  • Sharepoint Online w/ 5GB of free storage
  • Office Outlook Web Access
  • Office Communication Online
  • Access to free support

Required Download & Install
Microsoft Online Services Sign In Application
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (all ready installed if you’re running Vista or Win7)

Microsoft Office Professional 2007 trial
Office Online Communicator 2007

First Impression
What a time saver from setting up a server and money on location. A great start in getting the core functionalities online, but needs to be easier to setup and more cohesive with all its services. Particularly between sharepoint and office outlook web access (OWA). Contacts, schedules, and sharepoint assets are not linked automatically. The document section in OWA has an option to link up sharepoint folder, but it does work, nor is there an option to browse into sharepoint. Can’t access public email addresses with OWA like you would with Outlook. No online verison of Microsoft Office is available which I felt was the whole point of using sharepoint online. I have to say that there are better and easier options out there to accomplish the same tasks that Microsoft Online Services do at this point in time. Stay tuned for Microsoft’s next generation of Hotmail which may start to function like Gmail.

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