Samsung Galaxy S Carrier Unlock

I have been doing carrier unlock for the Samsung Galaxy S (T-Mobile Vibrant and AT&T Capative) for a while now. First the hard way, then the easy (paid) method, then comes the easy and free method. I’ll just share with you the easy and free method. One day while I was looking for the paid method, I stumbled upon this:

Galaxy_S Unlock

Galaxy_S Unlock – With this app, it’s a couple of clicks to perform the carrier unlock once you have root access, SU permission and busybox installed.

Let’s back up a little. To root the phone, download SuperOneClickv1.9.1-ShortFuse (
Once the phone is rooted, the Superuser app icon will appear in Application menu. Now, go to the app Market to find 

Busybox Installer

busybox installer ( and install the lastest version of busybox.

If you have trouble installing busybox, follow the steps here, if not, simply proceed to the next paragraph. It turns out that the T-Mobile Vibrant had bloated software residing system memory which prevent busybox install. I installed 

Super Manager

Super Manager ( a free app from the market and select root permission in settings to remove a few bloatware from system. Proceeded to then install busybox with busybox installer without a hitch.

Finally, to unlock the phone, use Galaxy_S Unlock, click on the Unlock tab once you’re in the app then click on the tasks listed from top down until you see carrier unlock and stop there, the remaining tasks are meant to lock the phone back to carrier locked state.
Hope you find this tutorial useful and please let me know how your experience went by leaving a comment. 


  • Guest

    Can’t install busy box–can you describe how you install it using Super User?

    • sunnyd

      try getting rid of some crapware on the phone first…it may be out of space.

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