Save 5mins Daily

This may be obvious to savvy computer users out there, but I thought I point it for the record.  If you turn your computer on/off a few times a day, the 5mins may end up being 5mins x the # of times you do so daily.  What can you do to save some time?  Ever wonder about the Hibernate feature?  Say what?  The hibernate feature?  Oh yeah, that feature, where is it again?  On Windows 7, click on the start menu then the Right Arrow, the Hibernate option is last on the list. On Windwos XP, click on the start menu, click on shut down and select Hibernate from the shut down menu.  You should try this sometimes.  No…let me reiterate, use this option from now on. You’ll save time from not having to reopen all the windows or sessions you’re working on.

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