Sticky Notes on Windows 7

Why do it on paper when you can have the same thing in Windows? This feature is only available on Windows 7 (not the starter edition).

Sticky Notes on Windows 7

To start your very 1st sticky, click start menu, type in sticky notes in search box on the bottom, click on sticky note search found and start typing. If you wish for a different color sticky, right click on the sticky and select from the pre-defined colors available.

Stickies notes will stay on the screen after you restart Windows, so don’t worry, your efforts will not be wasted.  If they are not there, just restart Sticky Notes.  Below are a few fun things to try on your stickies to further enrich your sticky notes experience:

Bold: CTRL+B
Bullet list: CTRL+SHIFT+L (once)
Decrease size of text: CTRL+SHIFT+<
Strikethrough: CTRL+T
Increase size of text: CTRL+SHIFT+>
Italics: CTRL+I
Numbered list: CTRL+SHIFT+L (twice)
Underline: CTRL+U
Roman numeral list (i,ii, etc.): CTRL+SHIFT+L (five times)
Lettered list(a,b, etc.): CTRL+SHIFT+L (three times)

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