My 2 Weeks with Samsung Galaxy Tab

I have had my T-Mobile (TMO) Samsung Galaxy Tab (GT) now for about 2 weeks. I love the GT for its size and portability. All the major apps I use worked really well, such as Google Voice (text/MMS), Google Nav, Calendar, Wyse Remote Connect, and of course the built-in camera, WEB and EMAIL. The only real complaint I have about it so far is the lack of native calling feature. It really is too bad because I have been toying around with the idea of ditching my beloved Blackberry to go solely with a tablet for voice and data. The reason behind why TMO decides to keep the GT a data only device puzzles me and quite honestly makes no business sense when they could be making more $ on and voice and data plan package.

While there exists a hack to enable calling on the GT, in doing so however would cost you the 3G connection. What good is the GT with an Edge data connection? Try going back to a dial-up…get the idea? Without the 3G connection, the GT is an equivalent of the Acros 70 tablet at half its price. Granted in the near future, a hack may eventually surface for both calling and 3G, I just don’t have the patience to wait for an “what if” statement, I need it to work now if I’m to pay a monthly charge to keep it in the air.

For specs and many other reviews on the GT, check out these links I’ve found on the web.



In conclusion, if you’re looking for a tablet for data and voice, wait for the next GT with native calling and 4G. If you can go with WiFi only, take a look at the acros 70 or its bigger brother the 10″ beast. Priced very aggressively and well worth the $. And of course the Apple iPad may come to mind to fit the bill, but then again, it’s just too big too heavy too closed minded as a true to life day to day all around data/voice? device.

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