Tech Lab Weekly Specials

Weekly Specials at TECH LAB

This week, after thinking about how and what can be done to help people maximize time/productivity ratio on any given computing devices, I decided to reward those who are hungry for knowledge. For example, learn and gain the know-how of using Internet Explorer more efficiently or customize any browser you use for that matter. How about learning to use social media to benefit your business? For the millions and millions of how to or need to know questions you may have, my colleague and I would like to take those questions and turn them into useful and meaningful tutorial sessions that you’ll benefit in everyday computing. Come on by the shop, give us a call, purchase a punch card, or however way you like to be engaged in getting help. Let me give you $10 off our standard rate this week for taking the initiative to learn more about computing. After all, isn’t it about time you take control over your computing devices? Let us show you how.

For those who are looking for a iPhone 3G screen replacement, you’re in luck too.  This week, take $20 off from regular price.  Most repairs can be done the same day provided that the phone is checked in before noon or that it will be done the following done.  Need a phone while we work on your phone?  No problem, we provide a  free loaner.

Okay, on a third special, take $5.00 off any laptop charger if you mention this post when you make the purchase at the shop.

I’d love to hear from you on how we can offer you more specials in the future. Please leave me a comment.

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