Windows 7 Libraries Explained Tutorial

This Windows 7 Libraries tutorial is meant to explain what it does, how to use it, and why use it.  The idea behind the libraries feature is to provide an easy and quicker way to access and organize your files as you see fit without actually changing the location(s) of the folders stored in the computer.  To start to use the libraries feature, simply click on the Libraries icon in the task bar, click New Library, type in a name, click on the library icon you just created, then select folder(s) you wish add from the left navigation pane. There are 5 different ways to arrange the folders/files you have in the library.  Simply click on the folder icon, select the different arrangement type…there you’ll see the different ways files/folders can be sorted.  To add more folders, either click on the location link or browse to the folder to you want to add, right click then select Include in library option, select the library you wish to have the folder be included.

To access the folders in the library, simply click on the Libraries icon on the task bar and on the library you wish to access.  It’s that simple.  All of the folders/files you have placed before will show up there.  Hope this tutorial have explained the what and how…as for the why, the thing about the old explorer is good for only show you where the files are actually stored in the computer.  This new library features adds to it, a way you can put organization to your folders that you see fit and be able to get to them and sort out the things in those folders quickly.

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