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Windows Keyboard Shortcut Keys

Let’s just say that there are more shortcut keys than I care to know for Windows, and for that matter, here’s the list for ya… straight from big Mike. And i congratulate you if you decide to memorize them all. For those of you who wants a shorter list of the ones I use everyday, here’s 5 that are indispensable in my everyday computing experience.

1. ALT + Tab allows you to quickly switch between all opened windows and programs. Simply hold down the ALT key while pushing the Tab key will evoke a small window, each opened program/software is represented by an icon and text underneath that to describe what the icon represents. While holding down the ALT key and hitting the Tab key again advances the selection to the right (holding down the Shift key moves the selection to the left). Letting go both keys will launch the selected program/software immediately taking over the entire screen.

2. F5 key to reload any open page/window, yes this includes all browser windows

3. Shift + F4 keys to close any opened window or program

4. ALT + P to print any page

5. Ctrl + C to cut, Ctrl + P to paste. Cut and paste any text or files from one window to another or from one text field to another

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