WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs Keynote

1st thing first, watch it here:

WWDC 2010 Steve Jobs Keynote
Steve Jobs WWDC 2010 Keynote

you’ll need Quicktime of course, just follow the link in the page to download and install it first if you don’t already have it. I Noticed that the video did not work with the Chrome browser. Try IE, Firefox, or Safiri.

If you can think of somethings to talk about in the keynote, let’s discuss it here. I’m smiling about the new camera/video system on the iPhone with the new iMovie for iPhone app, the longer battery life (hopefully), and multitasking features. The sad thing is, my contract will not be up until March of 2011. I probably will need to get my hands on a used one or wait till Sept. For the lucky ones out there, the iPhone 4 can be pre-ordered on the 15th and available in US on June 24th.

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