Chrome OS Review Discussion

Chrome OS Review & Discussion

I have been patiently waiting for the Chrome OS for more than a year, guess what, my wish came true yesterday afternoon. I received my very own Acer A700 Chromebook to experience it first hand. It took a little getting used to at first for things like the button-less mousepad, the added search button, and the minimalist approach of the operating system itself. I’d like to share with you here my review of the Chrome OS and please join the discussion by leaving a comment.

What I love about the Chrome OS
1. As promised from videos and other reviews I’ve read, it takes no time to load and no time to shut off
2. The web (the limited version) doesn’t come any closer to this than anything else I’ve used in the past including a smartphone
3. Chrome browser continuity between different devices
4. Ever upgrading and trouble free operations

What I fear about the Chrome OS
1. It’s not meant for anything else but to consume the web
2. Development cycles to maturity
3. Offer limited scope of the web and/or compatibility issues with Chrome browser
4. The one size fits all model by overly simplifying the PC experience

Final Thoughts
I’d like to believe that the Chrome OS is more than just a browser with an on/off switch. But quite frankly, it is all that it is inside a machine. It doesn’t make the web easier to use nor does it add to the overall web experiences. We have enough browsers that offer us a view to the web already, why open yet another window to the web when we are now living in the web. I expect Google to come up with an OS that connect us together in the web. Our voices need to be heard, our experiences need to be shared, and a tool that does it all and does it well. Sorry, we aren’t there yet Google with this…

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