Highlights of the Week

Highlights of the Week


Daily Deals at TECH LAB
How would you like to have a special waiting for you daily? I have been posting daily deals (except for Sunday) on Twitter, Facebook fanpage, and here of course. Be sure to follow us on Twitter or like our Facebook fanpage to stay connected for the up and coming daily deals in store for you.

Free Priority Service Day
It’s official, every Wednesday of the week is designated for free priority service (a $50 value). Let’s just keep this down low shall we, mention you read it here from the blog.

Easier Sharing Features
I’m sure you noticed the leave a comment, share via email, Twitter, or the like Facebook features on the bottom of every post right? Yes? Okay, Disqus is now the icing on the cake to start a discussion on any chosen topic(s) on the blog.

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