Google Chrome Extensions

Yes chrome is a browser too now…in fact, it’s climbing its way to the top. Why? Because it happens to be made by the world’s #1 search engine Google. Not that the browser shines in the physical sense, it shines when it comes to creating a lightweight, fast, full featured, and secured internet browser that is simple to use for everyone. To take a step even further, one can install extensions that will further improve the browser’s capability to deliver an even greater experience to the user.

If you don’t already have Chrome installed, you can download the browser for free at

Chrome is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux. Once installed, simply click on chrome on your desktop and click on the wrench icon on the upper right corner and click on extensions. a new tab will open and you are free to browse through a plethora of home brewed and official Google extensions. I personally love the translate, facebook mural, send using Gmail, extension. So go on, try a few yourself. You will be hooked before you know it and wonder how you could browse the web without it.


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