Web Computing AKA Cloud Computing

This idea that all computing is done on the web is interesting because it’s taking us from personal computing to web or social computing.  Think about it, what do we use any computing devices for thesedays?  Need I say, GET ONLINE?  That’s right, not only we want to get online, we want the things/tools we use to be connected or have the ability to get online.

Let’s fast forward to 2012, no longer will our gagets be loaded with an operating system, it will be loaded with a browser of your choice and millions of free or paid apps, with a push of the power button gets you online in secs, all your favorites and apps that you have on the device will be delivered to you seamlessly via the browser because the browser saves all your settings and apps the instant you log on, no longer will you be required to hit the save button whenever you type anything or do anything, that will be done for you automatically.  What about storage?  what about it?  Free or paid storage will be available for just about any app you can think of.  There will be many to choose from that will simply be integrated with whatever app you use from the browser.  There is no need to worry about viruses or malwares on your computing devices, all your settings, including your network and printers are all saved in the cloud,  as soon as the computing device is restarted, you’re good to go.

As for businesses and small business owners, there is no need to spend thousands on hardware to have a server or mutliple servers to keep up with productivity.  Less startup costs means longer longevity in the business, instead of having a dedicated IT department, you’ll just need a standard hosted service plan that is managed and scalable for your business.  The internal voice and data communication will be handled via web apps with built-in filter and big brother features.  Your customers will get up to the minute info on whatever they need granted you let them.

How’s this for 2012?  Are we ready for this next phase of computing into the cloud?


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