HTC G2 Digitizer Replacement

Check out this video for a step by step instructions to take apart a HTC G2 AKA myTouch, Magic, dream digitizer.  You’ll need a few tools; a T4, 00 philips, prying tool, and double sided tape (optional).  It should take you 15-30 mins to complete.  On a difficulty scale of 10 being the hardest, this is about a 5.  You need a little bit of patience though especially if you’re just replacing the digitizer but keeping the original LCD.  The separation of the two can be scary, just have a hair dryer handy it should do the trick.  Have fun and thanks for watching.


  • Alex

    Dear Tech lab

    would you happen to have a video on removing the LCD screen from the HTC mytouch?

    Please reply



    • sunnyd

      that will be posted when we get a chance to work on the phone.

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