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You can get a quick tour of what Google TV is here. I think the Google TV is a great idea, an idea that is perfect for our now generation. I just don’t understand why Google decides to only offer the software to hardware manufactuer to sell a “internet tv” gadget thing????? I would sum up Google TV in a few words here. It needs to be available to the public via a internet downloadable, like that of the Google Chrome browser. It’s the only way to get people to use it and to improve the overall user experience. Google needs to prove itself a worthy player to convience the major studios to open up for internet viewing. It seems highly unlikely that Google will get there by offerinng the software to hardware manufacturer rather than the general public. Every household in America has a computer, put that computer to use, get it on the web with the TV. This should be the main goal of Google TV. No need to spend time to re-invent a computer for the TV.

I see the future of Google TV combined with Boxee to be a worthy platform. Better yet, throw XBMC into the mix and you’ll even have a media player that will do DVDs and Blu-Rays as well as all media formats known to human.

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