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TECH LAB Membership

We know you like perks for being a regular, so we have designed a program just for you.

1. FREE priority service that ensures that your job starts the same day
2. FREE half hour tech support or training per month which can be accumulated for upto 180mins*
3. FREE tune up for a single PC of your choose every 6mos

Terms & Conditions
The membership fee is $20/mo and your eligibility starts immediately upon your 1st monthly payment. The membership program is paid month to month and can be canceled at anytime by a simple phone call or email no later than 7 days before end of the month. However, all accrued member benefits are lost upon cancellation. Tech Lab will require a valid credit card be filed for auto payment. Monthly membership dues are billed on the 1st or 15th of the month.

* You may choose to have the tech support or training be rendered at TECH LAB or remotely over the internet in 15min incredments. Unused time can be accrued upto 180mins. Whenever more time is necessary, each 15min incredment is $10. A highspeed internet connection is required for services be rendered over the internet.

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