Tips For Buying a Laptop Charger

For the purpose of this discussion, I am assuming that you need a charger because it is  lost or broken and that you’re looking for a new replacecment.   Before you begin your search, you should know the following:

  1. The make and model of your laptop
  2. Voltage and amperage of what the charger should be.  The specification is usually printed on the same label as the serial # located on the bottom of the laptop or underneath the battery. 
  3. It’s important to stay with a charger that is made specifically for your laptop.  A universal charger is not recommanded because of the added weight and bulk at the tip will likely break the DC jack.
  4. The fitting of the plug should be snog but not overly tight.
  5. Lastly, the weight of the charger should not be significantly lighter than your original charger.   Cheap chargers can cause electrical surges to the laptop.

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