Samsung Moment Screen Repair Video

This Samsung Moment screen repair video starts where the previous Samsung Moment disassembly video left off, if you’re replacing the screen (LCD) or the touch screen (digitizer), simply follow this video to complete the exercise.  You’ll need some tools, philip screw driver, dental pick, double sided tape or spray on adhesive, cleaning agents or adhesive remover.  Pay particular attention to placement of screws, be sure to leave 2 screw openings on the keyboard panel to secure the magnesium alloy motherboard back panel onto with the longer flat top screws.  Take your time,  you’ll need 20-30mins to complete the project.  Have fun!


  • alberto

    Can you guys please make a video on how to solder a new charge port to this phone please and thankyou.

    • sunnyd

      wouldn’t be feasible…sorry, charging port soldering can not be done without a hefty upfront investment and a through working experience.

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