Samsung Moment Disassembly Video

Check out this how to video on disassembling a Samsung Moment.  For this exercise, you’ll need a Philips screw driver, prying tool, and heat gun (or hair dryer).  Be super gentle with the LCD ribbon and try to remember how you have taken it apart…you’ll need that “Johnny Mnemonic” recall power later or watch my upcoming part II of this video which will demonstrate how to re-assemble the phone together with a new touch screen.  Without further ado, here’s the video.  Enjoy.

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  • Jan

    Thank you!!!!! This is truly awesome. My unusable phone is now perfect with a new LCD.

    • sunnyd

      Thanks for coimg to our blog.

  • Ashley

    Help! Can’t get the last black panel to pop off like in the video. Gets suck on th corners that didn’t have the screws and I’m afraid to pry anymore than I have.

    • sunnyd

      Did u undo the screws underneath the LCD cable? Slide the keyboard out check to make sure the screw at each order is undone as well

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