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The iPad or Not, That is the Question

I will be honest with you, i have been eying the iPad ( for quite some time now, my heart skips a beat every time I walk by it. It’s like the thing is the magnet and i’m that closest metal it sees, i’m stuck to it. Oh how i drool over its sumptuous lines and shinny screen. My mind must have been repeating yes for a million times before I managed to snap back into reality. Then came the question, am I pulling 5 benjies for this? Not to mention that I already own an iPhone 3Gs, why do I need another Apple gadget thingy????? Let me tell you, Steve’s power of persuasion is especially strong this time around. My evil side thinks I can just buy it then return it if I don’t like it….get a GRIP brother!

I’m sure many of you may be finding yourself up on the fence about this touchy subject as well, I can tell you this. Don’t be me. Buy it, it will be over in 5 mins and you’ll be off a good start to enjoy thousands of apps that will eventually make it to the hall of fame of your own personal and sociable iPad domain. Almost forgot, you can now get books on it just like the Kiddle, there is even a kiddle app, how marvelous is that? Literally, the web and the world is now at your fingertips, one glide takes you to another page of bliss, a simple gesture unfolds the world’s secrets and wonders. It’s a wish came true from Microsoft, “Where do you Want to Go Today?” This thing is a jukebox, a computer on steroids, a manual for humanity, the coolest thing since iPhone, the all-in-one swiss knife that can only be topped by iPad HD? Good dreams Anakin, may the force be with you young Jedi.


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    • admin

      thanks for your appreciation and word of encouragement. to be honest, it has been a little weird blogging, i often felt like i’m just talking to myself. your comment just made me realize that there are people out there who care about some of things i’m passionate about.

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